We Are The First And The Only Powerlifting Gym In Seremban, Negeri Sembilan!

Our gym facility caters to powerlifting enthusiast in Seremban. Our focus is on drug-free powerlifting, strength, and power-bodybuilding training. Do you love heavy squats, bench press, and deadlift? We are passionate about those three big lifts and we stand to provide you with the best environment to train. And we are the first and the only powerlifting gym in Seremban!

Why powerlifting? Because it is a strength sport that empowers us with a very objective goal of lifting heavier weights. And that is the only objective! It provides you with measurable progress towards your goal regardless of gender, body weight or other people’s perception. In short, powerlifting is a sport for everyone, yet the only one competing against you is yourself.

Sounds good to you? Come and join us to train!

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